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ELSD Sirius-Klesch M


Tracking System

Simple. Reliably. On 24 hour basis.


Temperature and volume

Continuous car temperature monitoring

Temperature, °С


Continuous car volume monitoring

Volume, М3


Vehicle opening


Dashboard message on car opening.
The computerized workstation executes the documents electronically.


Dimensions and Weight

Length: 91 mm

Width: 42 mm

Height: 86 mm

Weight: 440 g +\- 5% (including power cells)
       570 g +\- 5% (including security seal)

Operating temperature range

operating range -40…+60 °С
storage range -60…+60 °С

Service Life

3 years minimum without power source replacement

Security Seal Monitoring Principle

Electromagnetic. Ultrasonic.

Power Source

Self-contained. Type: lithium-polymer. Voltage: 3.7 V
Capacity: 6 Аh. Extended temperature range.
Wireless charging. Real-time voltage monitoring.

Self-contained operation time on one full power source charge

45 days minimum at one contact per hour, T°=-40°C

Integral GLONASS/GPS Receiver Characteristics

Channels 33
Signals processed: GLONASS/GPS
Data refresh rate: up to10 Hz
Navigation accuracy (CEP): 2.5 m
Speed measurement accuracy (СЕР): 0.1 m/s
Sensitivity: -165 dBW for tracking, -148 dBW for signal search

Integral Accelerometer

Software logging the Collision, 45° Deviation,
Motion Stop/Start events.

Operation Logging

Logging of opening, closing, unauthorized access, battery status,
temperature, forcing attempts, circuit shunting attempts.



Used with KLESCH-60STs security seal

Additional communication links: satellite link, near field communication radio link.

Additional sensors: accelerometer, temperature sensor.


Real-time clock (RTC) with GPS\GLONASS signal-based correction and synchronization capability Yes
GSM receiver/transmitter Frequency: 900/1800 MHz
Operators used: 3 (MTS, Beeline, Megafon) +1 SAT
Approximate time of operation depending on the transmission interval at +20 °С / -40 °С
every 60 minutes: 2.5 months
every 4 hours: up to 6 months
once per day: up to 1 year
Body Impact-resistant dust/moisture-proof casing. Protection Class: IP67
Temperature monitoring The sensor is available.
(Black box) nonvolatile data storage memory size Yes. Enough to last through the full cycle of one haul.
Nonvolatile memory data storage time under power-off conditions 100 years minimum.
Programming unit link Optional
Self-diagnosis capability Yes. Subject to software upgrade.
Tampering protection Yes, with the capability for logging the unauthorized access attempt in the EC log and transmitting the information to the monitoring server.
GSM network data transmission mode GPRS
Data communication protocol Yes. Secure, for exchange with the BigLock monitoring server.
Mechanical stability owards vibration loads ranging from 20 to 30 Hz and characterized by the vibration acceleration of 19.6 m/s (2 g) for 10 minutes and under rigid mounting conditions (no shock absorbers).

Towards multiple shock loads characterized by the peak impact acceleration of 49 m/s2 (5 g).
Near field communication radio link Yes
Slave ELSD operation capability Yes
External sensor operation capability Yes
Location-based service (LBS) capability Yes