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  • What is the price?

    The price is contractual and dependent on the number of seals and the time of use for transportation of cargo and material valuables under Electronic Locking/Sealing Device (ELSD) protection.

  • Is it possible to enter additional information into the internal memory of the Electronic Component (EC) - (Sirius-M System unit)?

    Yes, it is technically possible.

  • Is it possible to organize manufacture of Electronic Components (ECs) – (Sirius-M System units) in other countries (the CIS, Baltic states)?

    Yes, it is possible provided a properly equipped factory is available.

  • Is it possible to use Locking/Sealing Devices (LSDs) of other types with the Electronic Component (EC) – (Sirius-M System unit)?

    It is possible provided the Locking/Sealing Device (LSD) body and cable sizes match the cradle and holes of the Cable Monitoring Sensor (CMS) of the Electronic Component (EC) – (Sirius-M System unit).

  • Is it possible to install the monitoring server in other states?

    Yes, it is possible.

  • Is it possible to purchase the Electronic Component (EC) – (Sirius-M System unit)?

    We are ready to give particular consideration to such proposals, however we find it to be unpractical.

  • Is it possible to organize Presentation of the BIGLOCK Intelligent Sealing System operation and demonstrate its Capabilities and Advantages?

    Yes, it is possible. Please, e-mail Your application to: or use the feedback form of our Web-site.

  • What is the Mobile Workstation (MWS) and where it can be obtained?

    The Mobile Workstation (MWS) is a secure smartphone running under ANDROlD 4.0 or better and having a hardwired linear barcode scanning capability and provided with the installed Computerized Workstation/Mobile Workstation (MWS) software. This secure smartphone can be purchased from numerous vendors, the price starting from RUR 25,000 upwards. After the smartphone is purchased, the Computerized Workstation/Mobile Workstation (MWS) software is installed, and the Mobile Workstation (MWS) is ready for use.